Nicole Fhors

Nicole is probably best known for her vast emotional connection to her dogs – and her ability to put words on those feelings. Her journey with sleddogs started in early 2013, when she got her first husky. A dog that didn’t quite fit the mold that the human world has created for a dog, with all its demands and thoughts on how dogs should behave. He was reactive and sensitive, with a huge integrity that together gave him lots of challenges as a canine being in a human world. And he was one of the most fantastic, fascinating creatures on earth, in Nicole’s eyes. Living alongside her first husky sparked a lifelong lesson and genuine interest in understanding the canine species; their behaviours, psyche and fundamental needs. 

Many years have passed since 2013 and lots in her life has changed. But one thing have not: her deep passion for the – mental, physical and emotional – welfare of dogs. 

Nicole is often described as a passionate and creative “old soul” – most often seen in the midst of some creative project or hyperfocusing on learning something new, when she’s not with her dogs. She is just as passionate about learning and gaining knowledge, as she is about sharing it with others. She’s a creative entrepreneur at heart, currently running her own businesses as a freelancing writer, coach/educator, artist and as nature guide in her own sleddog kennel.

Merits and educations
Lic. Grönt kort-instruktör via SDSF
Finished courses in Tellington TTouch, BAT
Valputveckling (Hundsteg)
Uppfödarutbildning (SKK)
Genetik och avel (SKK)
Attended seminars with Per Jensen, dog chiropractor Eva Solstrand and Eva Bodfält
Rasseminarium & seminarium om arbetande hundar via SPHK (Karsten Grønås and Eveline Koch)
Worked at a daily care center for dogs for years
Positions in the board of the swedish polardog club