Marlene Hällström

Everyone should have the possibility to learn about mushing! You might be thinking about starting running with your poodle or you are preparing your first competition season with your sleddog team – it doesn´t matter who you are! The fundamentals of mushing are the same.

I am here to give you that knowledge! Let me introduce myself; I’m a musher, journalist and have spent the last ten years on organizing educations. And I’m a total nerd. Through the past twenty years I gathered all knowledge I could find about sleddogs, dog health, dogs behavior. I am educated in animal massage, Ttouch, breeding, as instructor, shaping, dogs anatomy, nutrition and more. And I love to share!

Work History:
1999 A-Course for Sports Coaching, The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Oslo, Norway.
1999-2001 Journalist and Anchor Man, RadiOrakel, Oslo, Norway.
2001-2011 Organiser of the music festival Treöresfestivalen, Motala, Sweden.
2006-2011 Course Leader “Sled Dogs” and “Positive Reinforcement” at Hundia Hundskola
2006-2011 Course Leader “Clicker”, “Agility” at The Swedish Working Dog Association, Motala and Vadstena, Sweden.
2008-2011 Originator and head of The Swedish Siberian Husky Camp, Mjölby, Sweden.
2012 Project Leader “Internet as a daily tool”, ABF Östergötland, Sweden.
2006-2007 Music Educator and Event Organiser, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Vadstena, Sweden.
2007-2016 Educational Organiser and Administrator, ABF Östergötland, Sweden.
2013-2014 Project member and Educator, A Worker´s Education Platform for Socio-Economic Equality, Cape Town, South Africa.
2016-2019 Chief Assistant, Digital Marketing Manager, ABF Östergötland, Sweden.

Positions of Trust:
2006-2007 Board member, Young Women’s Cultural Association, Motala, Sweden
2009-2011 Board member, Bona Folk High School, Motala, Sweden
2010, 2019-2021 Board member, The Swedish Siberian Husky Club.

2002-2004 Journalist Program post-secondary vocational education and training, Bona Folk High School, Motala, Sweden.
2007 Leadership Course in the Workers Educational Association, Linköping, Sweden.
2007 Dog Massage Foundations & Dog Massage 1, Axelsons Animal Massage School, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008 Leadership Course in The Swedish Working Dog Association, Linköping, Sweden.
2010 Foundation Course, Klickerklok, Fjugesta, Sweden.
2010 Obedience Course, Klickerklok, Fjugesta, Sweden.
2011 Retrieve Course, Klickerklok, Fjugesta, Sweden.
2012 Y-Gap Young Leadership, Cape Town, South Africa.
2019-2020 Behaviour and Biology of the Dog 1, 2 & 3, Linköping University, Sweden.
2020- Bachelor Graduation Program in Biology, Karlstad University, Sweden.
2020 Basic Course about Animal Welfare, Linneus University, Sweden.
2021 Ethology, Linneus University, Sweden.

Competitions and Results:
2013 Beaver Trap Trail 110, Norråker, Sweden.
2014 Polardistance 160, 4th place, nominated to Best Dog Care, Särna, Sweden.
2016 Vildmarksracet 120, MD8, 4th place, Nornäs, Sweden.
2016 Beaver Trap Trail 110, 2nd place, Norråker, Sweden.
2016 Polarhundmästerskapen, MD6, 3rd place, Norråker, Sweden.
2016 Swedish Champion, MD6, Gafsele, Sweden.
2017 Swedish Champion, MD6, Nornäs, Sweden.
2018 Vildmarksracet 120, MD8, 3rd place, Nornäs, Sweden.
2018 Nornäsdraget, MD6, 3rd place, Nornäs, Sweden.
2019 Swedish Polardog Championships, SP8, 3rd place, Åsarna, Sweden.
2019 Nornäsdraget, MD6, 1st place, Nornäs, Sweden.
2020-2021 Corona outbreak.