Basic Health Check

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Basic Health Check



The basic health check course introduces you to a daily health check routine specifically created for sleddogs. The routine is simple enough to become a daily routine, easily performed during feeding, cuddling, at stakeout and on other occasions spent together with your dog. It is created for you quickly and easily identify and prevent upcoming health issues. The health check is designed to target the most common sleddog specific health issues. After finishing the Basic Health Check Online Course, you will get access to the Intermediate Health Check Online Course that goes deeper into your dogs physiology, functions and needs as a sleddog.


When completed this course you..

  • ..know a handful of sleddog specific health issues that needs regular checkups
  • ..know your dogs’ health status on the sleddog specific health issues
  • ..practiced a systematic routine for health checks
  • ..found a suitable space and time for your sleddogs daily health checks



Participants finishing the course with 75% of total results will access a personal printable certificate of achievement.

References used in this course:
Bellows, J. (2021). Fractured Teeth in Dogs.  
Frandsen, L. (2018). Hunden är röd i ögonen.
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Course Features

  • Lectures 13
  • Quizzes 6
  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 38
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
  • Basic Health Check Intro 1

    The basic health check routine simple enough to become a daily routine. It is created for you quickly and easily identify and prevent upcoming health issues. The health check is designed to target the most common sleddog specific health issues.

  • You and Your Sleddog 1

    To make sure that your dog is in a physically good condition, you need some knowledge. Now sleddog health is not the subject you learn over a half-an-hour online course. But this is a start, a place to begin getting to know your dog with the eyes of a musher.

  • The Sleddog Eyes 2

    The eyes of dogs are more delicate than the human eyes. Their eyes are often exposed to dirt or snow and need to regular examinations. The sleddogs eyes can also indicate that your dog needs another rest day or two.

  • The Sleddog Teeth 3

    Did you know that by examine your dogs teeth you can anticipate several life-threatening conditions? Teeth injuries are common in sleddogs and are easily overseen.

  • The Sleddog Hydration Status 3

    Water is the single most important nutrient in your dog. Evaluating your dogs levels of hydration is important not only for daily health maintenance but for prevention of life threatening body conditions.

  • The Sleddog Balance - A Shortcut to the Physical Status 2

    Dogs hide their pain instinctively. This means that small injuries are rarely recognised until they cause mayor problems. But the dogs balance rarely lies.

  • The Sleddog Foot 2

    The sleddogs' feet is an area great enough to cover for its own set of courses. It is, however, impossible to adress the fundamental sleddog health issues without mentioning the feet.

  • Body Condition Scores 3

    Many health issues are closely related to your dogs weight. Excessive body fat is one of the reasons behind many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. A dog being too thin equally is in risk of diseases. This is how you measure your dogs body condition score and when you need to act on it.

  • A Summary of the Basic Health Check Online Course 2

    Time to summarise and put the pieces together. The Basic Health Check is created to easily be integrated into your everyday life, also when you have many dogs. When you know what to look for, you will manage to do the health check within a minute.


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