MeMush Academy was born out of a deep passion for sleddogs and learning. We offer online education for mushers, based on modern science and years of practical experience.  Our goal is to give you the best possible tools to keep your sleddogs healthy and happy, at work as well as in your everyday life together.

At MeMush Academy we truly believe that great education and knowledge are core keys to maintain and increase the physical, emotional and mental health amongst our fourlegged friends and colleagues. This is our mission.


MeMush Academy is the first choice worldwide online educator for mushers. The well produced courses makes essential topics easy to learn. MeMush Academy is not only educating, but strengthening the self confidence of the dedicated musher to reach a high level of both performance and dog care. The goal is to strengthen the understanding between musher and dog and therefore also increase animal welfare among sleddogs.


MeMush academy was founded in 2019 by Marlene Haellstroem, a Swedish journalist and mid-distance musher. The purpose of the academy is to offer easy accessed, high-quality educations on sleddogs.

All courses are either based on science or long term experience from mushers all over the world. The method of education encourages individual mushers to find her/his path to success.

The academy aims to increase dog health among sleddogs and uniting dog care with performance.

Meet Our Team


Marlene Hällström


Nicole Fhors


Is this you?

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Using us, giving us feedback, sharing and participating is one of the best ways for you to support the MeMush Academy!


Share your own experiences, images and videos! This will be very useful to us in the development of new courses! Email us; and we’ll soon get back to you!


Your donations will finance technical and software development of MeMush Academy.

Join our team!

MeMush Academy wants to supply mushers worldwide with science based knowledge. Are you a veterinarian, physioterapeut, ethologist, scientist or a musher with 20+ years of experience? We would love it if you’d contribute to level up our courses! Contact us on and we’ll get back to you asap!

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